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We're all about improving people's health and transforming lives. 'Mohsin' is of Arabic roots meaning 'excellence', 'beauty' & 'service'. It's at the center of what we do.

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Private with a pleasant and relaxed environment, established in 1978. The clinic provides individually planned treatments to meet each patient's needs and circumstances. Click here for more information.

Our Shop

Stocking our own range of unique herbal medicines and food based supplements, which have been tried and tested in our clinics for over 35 years. Our own brand products are manufactured by us; available for purchase through our online shop. Click here to go there.

Our Tradition

Based on the eastern wisdoms of health found in the traditions of Tibb, also know as Unani Herbal Medicine. 'Tibb', which literally means 'nature' is a universal tradition of natural medicine, bringing together the wholistic healing traditions of Europe and Asia. For more information on Tibb and training/courses, please visit the links below:

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With our skilled and experienced practitioner. Having practiced for over 35 years, and successfully treating thousands of patients, Hakim M. Salim Khan is committed to helping you reach your fullest potential health-wise: